The competition in artistic gymnastic was established in the last decade as a contest of four contries of “Visegrad”. The level of competition was very high right from the beginning. A team of volunteers from Gymnastics Liberec organized this event in 2006 – still under name VISEGRAD 2006. The competition was opened to all countries in that year. In 2009 the event was renamed to Olympic Hopes’ Cup OHC LIBEREC and it became a regular and prestigious competition of young gymnasts from all over the world. It is a competition of teams of boys and girls and there is no other event like this in the whole Europe.

Gymnasts from these countries have participated in this competition:

Argentina, Australia, Belgium, China, Costa Rica, Finland, France, Croatia, South Africa, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenie, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Great Britain, and the Czech Republic.

The competition has become an internationally recognized event and it is in the calendar of the international gymnastic federation FIG.

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